TMV: Human Rights, Human Potential, & Ijtihad

TMV, hosted by Fawad Ahmed, MD

TMV, hosted by Fawad Ahmed, MD

The Moderate Voice (TMV) is a gathering of intellectuals in Orlando, FL, organized by your host, Fawad Ahmed, MD.  Originally founded in 2012, we have had five forums and attendance has gradually grown each meeting to over 100.  Each forum begins with a widescreen presentation highlighting the emphasis of Islamic Human Rights and the Quranic Message of Justice and Opportunity for all.  Often, alternative interpretations are discussed and all viewpoints are respected during an open floor session.

At TMV, we strongly denounce Human Rights violations at their source, not just superficially.  We bring to light the misinterpretations and fabricated traditions that are beclouding the pristine Quranic message and fueling extremism.  Strong emphasis is placed on understanding the Quran rather than empty recitation, and the Deen (“way of life” and “system of government”) of Islam is given importance over the set of rituals known as religion.

If you are in the Orlando area, drop me a line and we will be happy to accommodate you at the next TMV.

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