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Peace be upon you,

“The Reformation of Islamic Thought will be led by intellectuals who place the Quran above man-made traditions” – from your host, Fawad Ahmed, MD.

Moderate Voice Forum

Moderate Voice Forum, hosted by Fawad Ahmed

For too long, the dynamic Quranic message of Justice and Opportunity for all has been suppressed by man-made traditions.  At Quranaissance, we strive to revitalize this Divine Message in the spirit of Human Rights, Human Potential, and Ijtihad (independent thought).  We will bring to the forefront the Deen (“way of life” and “way of government”) of Islam as the Quran describes it, which is designed to create the Ideal Society where everyone can reach their potential.  Most importantly, we strongly denounce human rights violations at their source, not just superficially.

I am your host, Fawad Ahmed.  Though a physician by trade, I feel it is my calling to contribute to the Reformation of Islamic Thought.  I have been inspired by the work of my father, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, who is a prominent reformist scholar and exponent of the Quran.  After much research, I realized that misinterpretations, culture and man-made dogma have beclouded the pristine message of Islam.  I am a non-sectarian Muslim who believes in the Quranic values of tolerance, Human Rights, and Universal Brotherhood.

The Quranaissance Blog and the locally hosted Moderate Voice Forum (attended by 100 intellectuals of diverse viewpoints) are my humble efforts to contribute to the Reformation & Renaissance of Islam, which I believe to be inevitable, God-willing.  Please do your part to your capacity.  Your feedback is welcome.